About the Blog

Unlike the popular opinion, Islam is an interesting religion designed to be easy to follow. The golden rule is to take some of your precious time to actually practice Islam.

Islam4thebusy is an enjoyable blog for all those who are busy. Nowadays, we are busy in multiple tasks like work, assignments, family affairs and homework in all age groups.

Islam4thebusy is designed to contain short, easy-to-read posts for all those who like to read on the go. Something light, but with some depth in the words is always relaxing at the end of the day.

In this blog, feel free to comment, like and share.

Islam4thebusy is a new blog, but the admin has many plans for expanding it. Feel free to give suggestions. This blog will have a range of articles (InshaAllah!! May Allah keep me strong!) and the readers may choose articles according to their desire and time.

Islam4thebusy is created to keep a free and light atmosphere. Harsh words and violence will not be tolerated by the admin. Kindly keep comments precise and polite. If the readers have any suggestions, they may offer constructive criticism but no further, if you please.

Islam4thebusy is posted at irregular timings, so feel free to follow the blog. The admin will post according to his/her free time.

Islam4thebusy has sound information with sound and authentic resources. However, the admin is human, so there may be mistakes here and there. If the reader finds something lacking, he/she may contact the admin and explain the problem with sound references from the reader.

Please, enjoy to your heart’s content!!


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